You can do your wallet a favour AND help to “GREEN UP HENRY BROWN’S” when you purchase our Summer 2018 SEASON PASS.

Sadly, some of our prices will need to go up starting in April 1. But you can beat the increase all summer long!

Each pass sells for $30 and entitles you to one scoop per month from April to September at 2017 prices AND gives you 10% OFF any additional scoops during that period, April to September!!

The pass sales will help us manage the costs of switching to more expensive yet more environmentally sound packaging. We will be replacing our plastics with more environmentally friendly compostable and biodegradable packaging and utensils. This is part of our ongoing commitment to running our business in ways that are better for our planet.

FYI... there’s only a limited supply of Season Passes, so buy yours today before April 31 or when they sell out, whichever happens first!

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All our small batch ice creams are made using high quality natural, organic and local ingredients wherever possible. Our ice creams contain no gums, gelatin, artificial emulsifiers, stabilizers, additives, or texturizers. We only use the kind of good, wholesome ingredients that you would find in your own kitchen including the fresh, seasonal fruit flavours that bring you to the Hamilton Farmers’ Market.

We serve up the classics and we experiment in our shop too, by creating bold, imaginative flavour combinations. We recreate some of the special tastes that can bring back some of your fondest childhood memories. With our small batch approach we can rotate those flavours with the seasons and according to our whims -- and yours -- in order to bring you some of the most innovative ice creams possible – with something new to enjoy practically every time you visit.